The Benefits Of Juicing Leafy Greens For Body Cleansing


Do you like good green drinks with lots of nutrients? Or perhaps a powerful healthy supplement that guarantees to improve your health? Then you have come to the right place. A drink that is well known for its supplemental and medication use with under the water claims that it could restore the youthfulness to people above 50 years. I have to admit it comes off as a hogwash but it’s worth looking into to help you understand why this might be the greatest breakthrough in health and fitness.

What Is Patriot Power Greens?

If there is one thing that we all can’t avoid is aging, every day we get a bit older despite all we do; eating healthy, using supplements, the exercises we nearly break our bodies doing, battalion of lotions and creams and the newest in this list is the power patriot greens. So what exactly is this?

The story behind the drink is quite a peculiar one, the drink was originally developed in the United States the mind beChind it being Dr. Lane Sebring, a doctor from Texas, her main intention was that it was be used as a supplement for the aging and the United States armed forces. Simply put, patriot power drink is a powdered supplement that you put into water and drink.

The drink is said to contain 38 different organic fruits and other healthy ingredients such as probiotics and digestive enzymes. Keep reading and decide for yourself whether this is a miracle’ or not.


Sure there are other green drinks that have more organic superfoods than the it and the price is a way lower than that of the patriot power drink considering that per serving you get around 5 grams of organic superfoods.

That should not give you second thoughts because the 5 grams contains a lot. Organic spirulina, organic seaweed, organic apple, tomato, spinach, raspberry, strawberry, kale, broccoli, carrot, parsley and cabbage are the basic ingredients present in the 5 grams of superfoods present in each serving.

Benefits Of Patriot Power Greens

1. Inflammations

The primary benefit of the drinks is that it helps in reduction of inflammation. A research on inflammation and aging shows that the two are entwined. Most of the symptoms that are associated with aging include arthritis, heart diseases, mitochondrial damage, dementia and decreased energy.

All this symptoms are linked with inflammation in the body. The normal diet most individuals is packed with foods that cause inflammation, sugar, lactose gluten, and soy are an example of the foods that make people susceptible to inflammations.

The idea behind patriot power drinks is to provide people who drink it with the ingredients that help in fighting inflammation and increase energy.

2. Metabolic Processes

Among the many healthy organic ingredients present in the drink is the chicory root. Chicory root is the main source of a supplement known as inulin. Egyptians grew chicory thousands of years ago for medicinal purposes. The patriot power drink contains a fair amount of chicory in it. The main health benefits of chicory are evidenced in the metabolic processes that it helps with in the body. Some of the benefits of the chicory are;

  • It is a good and efficient blood and liver cleanser.
  • It is full of antioxidants that strengthen your immune system.
  • Inulin is a soluble fiber that helps during digestion.
  • Supports the digestive health; less gas, bloating and constipation.
  • The presence of probiotics and the digestive enzymes also help in carrying out metabolic processes in the body.

3. Other Health Benefits

Apart from the aiding in metabolic processes and inflammation the drink also comes with nutrients that help in maintaining optimal blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body, it also acts as a natural joint and muscle pain relief, the drink leaves you with a younger glowing skin, weight loss is the other benefit of the drink that makes it almost seem like a miracle and last but not least a healthy libido.

4. Price

The powder has a retail price of$49.95 for a month of supply which is a great price considering that if you were to make your own power drink by selecting the ingredients and preparing it would cost about $142

The bottom line is drinking the power patriot is a good and cheap way to get GMO free nutrients. Though it’s a bit pricy which is the only low side it has, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.

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