6 reasons why certain supplements are banned in the US


When vitamins and minerals are not consumed in the form of food, the Federal Drug Administration calls it dietary supplements. Many athletes think that they don’t get sufficient vitamins and minerals in their diet. So, they start taking supplements. Some athletes think that by taking supplements, they will be able to perform better than the others. Making good choices regarding food and beverages is important. It will contribute to good performance, endurance, and repair of injured tissues.

Supplements work when there is a nutrient deficiency in a person, and bio x4 health results can’t be argued against. If people who are not nutrient deficient take supplements, then they may have adverse effects on their body. Some athletes take one vitamin or mineral a day; that is not harmful. It is the overdose of supplements that harms the body. An athlete should always consult with his or her physician before taking supplements. Food is always preferred over supplements. The nutrients that are available in food are not present in the dietary supplements. Many supplements cause harm to the body. Some supplements are banned in the U.S. for concern over health issues. Here are the major reasons why some supplements are banned.

Contains harmful ingredients

A growing number of supplements contain harmful ingredients like stimulants, steroids, and other drugs. Some companies are marketing these products by not disclosing these harmful ingredients. These supplements are promoted as improving sports performance. Designer steroids can cause severe diseases like liver injury, kidney failure, stroke, etc. Designer steroids are sold as dietary supplements. They are falsely advertised as healthy and safe products. Such supplements are banned so that companies cannot produce these supplements anymore.


Some high profile athletes of the U.S. have been tested positive from contaminated supplements that contain prohibited substances. This made these athletes ineligible for competition. Taking these contaminated supplements is a big threat to the careers of the American athlete. It has also lowered the image of the country in the international arena.


Some steroids are misused by taking it as performance-enhancing drugs. These supplements are attractive as they are based on the male hormone testosterone. It improves performance and endurance. It also stimulates muscle growth. At the same time, they enhance aggression. Steroids also increase blood pressure and may cause damage to the kidney and heart.

Harmful weight loss drug

DNP is a highly toxic supplement that can cause severe side effects. There have been three cases of death by consuming this supplement. So, it is banned. DNP is an industrial chemical and is not appropriate for human consumption. This supplement is popular among the body builders who want rapid weight loss. It increases the metabolism too quickly which causes harmful effects like restlessness, unusual heartbeat, dizziness, flushed skin, fever, vomiting, etc. If DNP is used over a long period, it causes cataracts and peeling skin. It may cause damage to the nervous system and the heart. It causes cancer also.

Causes problem in reproduction

Androstenedione is an illegal hormone that is found in some supplements. It is often called ‘andro.’ It is said to increase muscles, but it doesn’t. It converts to oestrogen. It causes low sperm count, shrunken testicles, enlarged breasts in men and other side effects also.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

This hormone occurs in the body naturally. This is used by people who want to build muscle quickly, loose weight fast or recover from intense workout quickly. But it can cause severe side effects. That’s why these supplements are banned in the U.S.

Supplements are banned because of the high health risks associated with it. They pose serious health risks and may even cause death. Those who take supplements without prescription should be careful about overdose warnings. If you see any symptoms like diarrhea, skin rashes, joint pain, etc., then you should stop using it and consult a doctor immediately. If the supplements are water soluble, then they will be excreted in the urine. But if they are fat soluble, they will remain in the body and cause harm. You should not listen to all those colorful advertisements about supplements. You should study yourself and understand the benefits and harmful effects of various supplements. You must only take supplements when you have a deficiency of any nutrient. It is always recommended to use supplements with the advice of a doctor.