5 Drugs That Should Be Legalized in America


There is at least a dozen of reasons why laws prohibit the use of some drugs. Regulations have even dated back as early as 7th century across different ancient cultures, which illustrate how excessive use of these drugs can be disturbing to societies.

In modern societies, the UK drafted the first law on drug prohibitions in 1868, which successfully lowered mortality rates due to drug-related causes and abuse. Seven years later, The United States started its “War on Drugs.” Governments are banning recreational use of these drugs. Some parties push for their medical applications, though, which initiated debates in different countries worldwide.

While we understand how drugs can be lethal when abused, we still find some of them extremely useful when putting to good use. Here are five drugs that should be legalized, to some extent.

5 Cocaine


Cocaine acts as a local anesthesia and a vasoconstrictor. In as fast as 120 seconds, this drug can induce insensitivity to lacerations and restrict bleeding. This fact explains why most pediatricians and other medical practitioners recommend pure cocaine for treating uncomplicated wounds in emergency situations.

The United States now classifies cocaine as a Schedule II medication, which means that while it can still be susceptible to abuse, the drug has positive medical benefits.



Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) is a known hallucinogenic drug. Recent experiments show that when used in conjunction with other programs, LSD can help bring sobriety to patients for at half a year. Participants were found to have happier and more stable thoughts and emotions, that could have led them to alcoholism.

3 Heroin


While the US considers this drug to be plain illegal and highly addictive, the United Kingdom and other countries are starting to see it useful in medical ways.

In the form of diamorphine, heroin is used for palliative care and pain management. Compared to morphine, small doses of heroin through injection is enough to provide the same relief. They also use heroin among other treatments and programs for people who experience withdrawal and do not respond to methadone during rehab.

2 Ecstacy


Different governments are starting to acknowledge the assisted use of MDMA or ecstasy in psychotherapy, usually in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder and possibly other mental illnesses. Studies show a significance improvement in patients with recent treatments of depression using a less harmful form of MDMA.

1 Methamphetamine


The FDA has recently approved the used of Meth in the form of Desoxyn in the short-term treatment of obesity in children and adults and some cases of ADHD for people at least six years of age. This type of meth has proved to increase attentiveness and reduce hyperactivity.

One neuroscientist even compares what could have possibly been Desoxyn as similar to Adderall, which is a controlled amphetamine medication.

That sums up my list of the top recreational drugs that can be improved and legalized for their medical benefits. Apparently, with supervised and controlled use, they can be of great help to select others with conditions that require an urgent cure, i.e., kids with ADHD and obese adults who haven’t received any positive results with common forms of treatment.