LOGOIn 2001, we, a group of ten journalists, sat together to write a magazine that would have something beyond news and celebrity interviews. We wanted to write on something that discovers our roots. We wanted the magazine to talk about people and their lives.

The magazine features Asian Americans living in Kansas, the African tribes, emerging artists, thinkers, and those who have left a positive mark in our society. It covers cultural and social issues that affect people’s lives. We provide in-depth analysis of recent social and cultural issues, and stories about people working for a better world.

It was not easy to start a magazine from scratch with no funds. But we were always inspired by the dedication and passion we saw in each other. We want this magazine to act as a messenger to people, telling them what the current social problems are and how it must be corrected to create a better world to live in.

We cover new stories in every issue of our magazine. You will find the latest social problems that are affecting our lives and many life changing stories that will inspire you. So, subscribe our magazine today!